Fluffy Pink Lamb Cake DIY

I’m so excited to announce that I will be a regular contributor to the cutest DIY/design blog, Handmade Charlotte! Hooray! My first post is this fluffy lamb cake DIY – please visit my post on Handmade Charlotte for the full tutorial. Hope you like it!

xo Lyndsay

20 Responses to “Fluffy Pink Lamb Cake DIY”

  1. Alice

    I love that cake!! Fantastic blog ur contribing to!!

  2. Coco Cake Land

    hey thanks so much Alice!! xo

  3. Sarah Crowder (punctuated. with food)

    Congratulations – very cool! Love this first post, too.

  4. Sugar Baby

    THE most adorable sheep ever! Love it!

  5. Neha

    Eeeep! What a cutie!

  6. Coco Cake Land

    @ sarah – thank you so much!

  7. Coco Cake Land

    @sugar baby – aww thank you! i think it’s pretty cute, too! ^__^

  8. Coco Cake Land

    @neha – thanks so much!! :)

  9. SimoCuriosa

    it’s wonderfull!!
    your cakes are fantastic!
    I’d like to invit you to my contest…
    i’m waiting to you!

  10. azra

    I like your blog Lindsay,
    your cakes are very nice…:)

  11. Chrysalis

    Your cake is absolutely amazing! I love the idea! I enjoy making cakes a lot (and eating them; who doesn’t like that?) Maybe sometime I’ll have to try this! Thanks for sharing!
    Oh and congratulations on your post!

  12. Coco Cake Land

    @simocuriosa – thank you so much!

    @azra – thank you, so kind!

    @chrysalis – thanks so much! please do give it a try!! ^__^

  13. Victoria // Oh So Pretty

    YAY for you being a contributor at Handmade Charlotte! This is the cutest cake I’ve ever seen – going to check out the full tutorial now!

  14. Coco Cake Land

    @victoria – thank you SO much! ^__^

  15. thimble

    that is too sweet! I love it’s happy little expression :-)

  16. Coco Cake Land

    @thimble, thank you!! :)

  17. Yvonne King

    This is beyond adorable. I might have to have a little girl, just so I can throw a “Mary Had a Little Lamb” birthday and make this cake.

  18. Coco Cake Land

    @yvonne, thank you so much! awww yes it would be perfect for a mary had a little lamb themed party! :)

  19. Nanette

    omg soooo cute Lyndsay!! too cute to eat…

  20. Coco Cake Land

    @nanette you’re too sweet – thank you!!!

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