Pizza The Hutt Cake

pizza the hutt cake

May the Schwartz be with you! Pizza the Hutt cake looks kinda gnarly, I know. But he’s made of vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream and white chocolate drips to emulate oozing cheese. To make Pizza the Hutt, I used two 6 x 3 inch round cake pans and my “sportsball” pan that I’ve used a zillion times but never to make a sports ball. It’s been Jabba the Hutt, Homer Simpson and many other cakes! Still haven’t gotten around to my Bibb Fortuna cake but maybe someday. For now, though:

Make Pizza The Hutt!

pizza the hutt cake crumb coat

This looks like a giant tongue to me. Yucky!! I used the domed up trimmings of the cake layers and mixed it up with some frosting to make a “cake ball” of sorts, except I shaped it into a triangle like a cake onigiri, chilled it in the freezer for about ten minutes to set, then plopped it on top of the cake layers to give it more of a triangular pizza head. I used a wooden skewer to hold it into place while I built it up with red buttercream.

white chocolate ganache drip
making the cheese drip

After power chilling the frosted cake, I then made some white chocolate ganache. Once the ganache was cooled enough that it was thick and gloopy, I used a spoon to add some melted cheese-looking drips to Pizza the Hutt.

pizza the hutt cake

I used some fondant I had kicking around to make mushrooms, olives and green pepper shapes! I grated some white fondant using a box grater for even more “cheese.” I found some white sprinkles in my pantry too so literally threw them at Pizza the Hutt cake, hehe. I thought about making pepperoni as well but decided I was cool with Pizza being vegetarian. Ha. I tried many different face with this grease-laden pizza faced friend. I decided to roll with kawaii face because Steph liked it the most! It’s been a hot pizza minute since I’ve made something like this so I needed outside some trusted opinion. But here’s the original Pizza the Hutt face which I think has a creepier, funnier and grosser face:

pizza the hutt cake

Jabba the Hutt cake of yesteryear!

jabba the hutt cake cococakeland
pizza the hutt cake

Who wore their Hutt better? Happy Star Wars Day! xo Lyndsay

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