Pretty as a Peacock Party Cake!

Our friend Joel is celebrating a super special milestone this month – marking one year of sobriety. He is a die-hard NHL Vancouver Canucks fan (even though he is from Montana) and has never been to a hockey game – so it seemed like the coolest and most special gift ever to give him two tickets to a Canucks game! We celebrated his one-year with a blue and green party!I’m kind of into the idea of minimalist parties these days – maybe I have dessert table fatigue? Of course I love design and matchy matchiness and craft and the love and care that goes into a mega- coordinated party… but sometimes it’s nice to just throw something together on the casual. I feel inspired by Jordan at Oh Happy Day for that. Her parties always feel like just enough party-time-ness – there’s a modern simplicity to it – but never overdone.

Or, maybe I’ve just become party-lazy!!! Ha…

For party decor, I purchased two rolls of crepe paper streamers in blue and green at my local party supply shop for $2 each, and used them to make minimal decorations around the house. The good thing about minimal decor is it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg. I twisted the two together to make a loose easy garland around the window, then cut strips of streamers in alternating colours and taped them up to the doorway! I “finished” the edges by cutting a little “V” shape into them – nerd alert!

Testing out frosting styles with my two-toned buttercream!

And a close-up of the finished cake… Isn’t this, in TLC’s words, crazy sexy cool!? Ha. Head on over to CRAFTSY for the full peacock coloured buttercream cake tutorial! Yes, I’m writing for the awesome Do It Yourself blog Craftsy now and I’m very excited about it!

And there ya go. Perfect for a simple birthday party, or a bridal shower, or a peacock themed party… or a one year sobriety party! Hooray Joel! We are so happy for you.

What are some of your favourite “throw a party on the fly” tricks? Would love to hear.

xo Lyndsay

8 Responses to “Pretty as a Peacock Party Cake!”

  1. kickpleat

    So cute, Lyndsay!! I love your minimalist decorations. It’s my birthday coming up & I’ve never gone all out, but I can handle some streamers with the pointy corners. Too cute & super inspiring!!

  2. lyndsay

    Awww thanks Jeannette! so happy to hear! ha…streamers with pointy corners! ^__^

  3. Msada

    Your cakes look so yummy. :)

  4. lyndsay

    hey thanks Msada! ^__^

  5. Melissa

    Such a pretty cake!! And that’s sooo awesome you’re writing for the Craftsy blog now! Way to go!! :)

  6. lyndsay

    aww thanks melissa! ^__^

  7. Anonymous

    This is such a gorgeous cake. Congratulations to your friend too, that is a major accomplishment in my books.

  8. lyndsay

    Thank you, Anon! yes, it is really something! thanks for the comment!

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