Pretty Pastels: Pom Pom Cake DIY

Man I’m getting some pretty sweet use out of my heart shaped cake pan. The thing is on FIRE with inspiring me for cakey fun ideas! Guys, I know Val-day is totally over but hearts are FOREVER.

This sweet pastel number I made for the adorable little 6 year old Ava on her birthday! It was such a cute cake idea I decided to turn it into a pretty DIY for you all. You’ll need a heart shaped cake pan, your favourite cake recipe and three piping bags fitted with a Wilton 4B tip and buttercream tinted in three pastel colours. I just went wild with no rhyme or reason with my buttercream drop star piping – pink here, purple here, blue here… you can always be more disciplined than that… but I like the playful randomness of it!

Happy birthday, Ava – thank you Rose for the lovely order! And happy decorating, cake pals!

xo Lyndsay

7 Responses to “Pretty Pastels: Pom Pom Cake DIY”

  1. Caroline

    I love the photos where there are sporadic pompons on top. Maybe you could play with negative space and leave an interesting shape behind?

    1. Coco Cake Land

      Caroline! Yes that’s a fun idea for sure! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. chaosisland

    Dear Lyndsay,
    the last weeks have been chaotic for me, but now I read your posts that I’ve missed …
    For example, I missed the Red Panda cake, it is so cool. I love Red Pandas.
    And your Valentine’s Day Heart Cake is so sweet, you can feel the love in the air …
    And this cake for Ava is also great. I like this chaotic arranged drop stars. Even this thy cake is beautiful.

  3. Jan Halvarson

    pretty colors!

  4. Neha

    Whenever I use this piping tip, I’m reminded of you, Lyndsay : ) I love the colours!

  5. Alice // Hip Foodie Mom

    I love this cake!! so pretty and perfect! I want to try something like this for my daughter’s birthday in May!

  6. Coco Cake Land

    @chaoslady – natalia! thank you SO much – i hope your life has settled down ok now… you are always so kind with your comments, it’s much appreciated! xo

    @jan – thank you!

    @neha – ha! awww that’s cute… thanks so much neha!

    @alice – hooray! glad you love it – please share with me if you make it, i’d love to see! thanks alice!


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