The Toof About Teeth: Tooth, Watermelon + Banana Sugar Cookies and Blog Friends

sugar cookie cuteness - Coco Cake Land   banana face sugar cookie - coco cake land

I’ve got deep sugar cookie piping and decorating fever right now, guys. I blame Vickie, Baked Ideas and Holly Fox for getting me all hyped on the cuteness and also ENDLESS COMEDY POSSIBILITIES that are sugar cookies. Watermelon slices, bananas with faces and a big old goofy TOOTH? Yes. Yes you can.

TOOTH sugar cookie! by Coco Cake Land

cutie collection of cookies - Coco Cake Land

I will compare last year to hiding in a box. It’s hard to want to get out and be social and meet people when you look and feel like a giant cancer turd. So many of my days were spent lying in bed feeling puffy and grey, hating my bald head so hard, bleary-headache-ill-depressed and just wanting the time to pass so I would feel better, so my hair might come back. Just praying for those hours to go by. 2015 (aka 2015: Shitstorm of Buttsanity) ended and 2016 is looking good. I just came back from a hilarious girls trip to Los Angeles, filled with everything fun – major laughs, Eggslut, cocktails, road trip to the desert, impromptu singing, power shopping, snacks galore, feeling the friendship love. Plus, I finally got to meet Kelly of Studio DIY in person! I wanted to make her something special but a cake was out of the question – too wild to try and bring that on the plane! But colourful crazy sugar cookies?? Yes.

sugar cookie cuteness - Coco Cake Land

Meeting blog pals in real life is kind of anxiety-inducing! You feel like you know a person because you get glimpses and snippets of their lives online, you might share a sense of humour or love for colour, you might exchange emoticons often on Instagram – but a face to face meeting? I always feel nervous. Blogger blind date! Also, I still feel out of my element with my short, borderline-Ellen DeGeneres hair – it’s not my hairstyle of choice so it’s not quite “me” as I would choose to represent myself. Plus, online, you can frame your life and personality, curate what people see – I mean I feel like I do a pretty honest job of being myself online, but still – you always worry if your in-person self might disappoint someone who is expecting an explicitly online self, you know? HOWEVER – no need to fret of course – the meet-up was FUN! We met up at Sqirl and Kelly was wearing probably the cutest outfit ever. The sorrel pesto rice bowl and ricotta jam on toast was SO GOOD. And we just sat and talked and laughed it up and it was lovely. I’ve decided it’s my goal to meet up now with all my online buddies who I’ve gotten to know. Real Life Friends! Because what is life without connection and friendship! (and tooth cookies).

sugar cookie cuteness - Coco Cake Land

fruity cutie banana and watermelon sugar cookies - Coco Cake Land

As you can probably tell I’m light to medium obsessed with sugar cookie decorating these days! Sugar cookies are too much fun. And I am also one of the weirdos who likes to eat them, rock-hard royal icing and all. Yum yum. I’m so happy I carried these cookies like a delicate flower cradled like a newborn baby bird through security from Canada on a plane to America. AMERICA! Hehe. Friendship commitment!

fruity cutie banana and watermelon sugar cookies - Coco Cake Land

Plus: Here are some excellent sugar cookies that are cruising around the inter web right now!

The great dog debate and the cutest dog cookies ever by Steph of I Am A Food Blog!

The MEANING OF KAWAII is in these cookies!

Holly’s jewels and gems are BONKBONKS good. “ROYAL ICING GAME ON POINT!”

Art deco sugar cookies by Diana of The Jewels Of New York

Cutest colour palette cookies from Acorn Milk Sweets! 

Looking forward to meeting plenty of new pals in 2016!! Thanks as always for reading! xo Lyndsay 

6 Responses to “The Toof About Teeth: Tooth, Watermelon + Banana Sugar Cookies and Blog Friends”

  1. Sarah

    Wishing you only sweet things in 2016, darling. <3 These cookies are fantastic, I love the crazy vibrant icing colors! xo

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      hey thanks sarah! ^__^ you too!

  2. danielle @ this picture book life

    Wishing you the sweetest (and funniest) sugar cookies in 2016, Lyndsay! You rock.

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      hehe thanks danielle! XO

  3. Summer

    These look so cute ♥

  4. cynthia

    These are AMAZING. I totally love rock-hard icing cookies too. One day I hope we’ll nosh through a bunch together and you can teach me how to decorate them!!!


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