Pre-order My Book!

My book is now available for pre-order!!! You can order online at some of the spots below or you can cruise on down to your local crusty or non-crusty indie bookstore and inquire about pre-ordering there! Support the little people too when you can! With each day passing by leading up towards my August 14th book launch, I get a little bit more nauseous – both from sheer excitement (when I finally get to hold my book in my hands I feel like I’ll be sobbing in a little child-ball in the corner of my home) and from nervousness! I am so grateful for my wonderful readers, fans, internet friends and followers for their support over these many many cake-making and blogging years, and for helping me bring this book to LIFE! It has been a lifelong dream of mine to publish a book. I used to write fake “About The Author” pages when I was 9 years old and attach my school picture to it with tape, hehe. This is all a little surreal to me so I am going to try and enjoy it all. I truly hope you love Coco Cake Land: Cute and Pretty Party Cakes To Bake and Decorate!!! Thank you for all of your support, and I can’t wait to visit some of you in the coming months and do some cake demo-ing and chit-chatting! xo Lyndsay 

Here’s where you can find my book, along with any place where good books are sold!