Coco Cake Land: Cute and Pretty Party Cakes to Bake and Decorate is HERE!

You can order online at the spots below or you can cruise on down to your local indie bookstore and inquire about pre-ordering there!

Here’s where you can find my book, along with any place where good books are sold!

coco cake land book cover



I was on Radio Cherry Bombe! Put It In Your Bag and Pipe it, hehe.

Scout Magazine asked me about three albums which played a part in my life for their Definitive Records column. 

Coco Cake Land in The Vancouver Sun :P

CBC Arts made a short little documentary about my work! Thank you Josephine!

Coco Cake Land book - Food Network’s the best cookbooks to gift! 

My book is included in Teen Vogue Gift Ideas for Bakers! :P

Buzzfeed asked me my pro tips for baking cakes!

Watch me make a blue arctic fox cake on CBC Arts Exhibitionists! 

I showed Gloria Mackarenko how to pipe fur on CBC Our Vancouver 

My Cactus Guy Cake on Bustle!

A short little interview on some of my inspirations on Vita Daily!